Vestavia Animal Clinic

Located in Vestavia the veterinarians at Vestavia Animal Clinic are committed to your pet's health. Vestavia based Vestavia Animal Clinic excels in the science of Veterinary medicine and was founded in 1984. Since then Dr. Shane West, Dr. Frank McClure, Dr. Sara Edwards, Dr. Brad Murphy, and Dr. Mandy Rains and our support staff have excelled in compassionate veterinary care in the Vestavia area.

We are open for appointments and emergencies during our normal convenient business hours.
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  • Dr. Shane West

    Dr. Shane West has been a resident of Birmingham for his entire life. After graduating from Berry High School in 1977, he attended Auburn University. Shane graduated from the College Of Veterinary Medicine in 1984 and returned to join his high school employer and friend Dr. Bob Crowe in opening Vestavia Animal Clinic in August of the same year.

    Dr. West has always had an interest in exotic animals and the list of pets he has kept over the years includes dogs, cats, rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, skunks, finches, canaries, an Amazon Parrot, many species of snakes, bearded dragons, chinese water dragons, iguanas, leopard geckos, and many species of frogs to name a few. He has also raised numerous wildlife for later release such as squirrels, opossums, and raccoons.

    Dr. West met Jenny Christopher in 1980 and they married during their last year of school in 1983. Jenny and Shane have three children; Michael, Matthew, and Patrick.
  • Dr. Frank McClure

    Dr. Frank McClure

    Dr. Frank McClure grew up in central Kentucky and spent much of his childhood on the farms of his relatives. He experienced working with the animals and knew then that he wanted to be in a profession that involved animals. He still dreams about driving a tractor some day.

    Frank completed his undergraduate work at the University of Kentucky and remains loyal to "The Big Blue". He came to our clinic in 1991, following his graduation from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University.

    Dr. McClure married his wife Lisa in 1991 following their graduation from veterinary school. His wife was a classmate and is also a doctor of veterinary medicine. They have two sons, Scott and Mark.. The entire family plays tennis and they frequently enjoy competitive family matches. His family enjoys almost any activity that involves the outdoors.

    Frank enjoys the quality medicine and surgery that the clients and the staff at Vestavia Animal Clinic make possible. He has a particular interest in client education as he feels that an educated pet owner is better able to help him help his patient.
  • Dr. Sara Edwards

    Dr. Sara Edwards

    Dr. Sara Edwards earned her bachelor of science degree in microbiology in 1985, and is a 1989 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University. Sara joined our veterinary team in 1992.

    Sara worked for the Department of Pathology and Parasitology at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn for ten years. Sara was a member of the Auburn Marching Band and the Auburn Concert Band. Sara is an auxiliary member of Auburn Knights Orchestra.

    After moving to Birmingham Sara met and later married Scott McLain IN 1997. Sara has one son, Justin, who lives in Dallas with his wife Kim, daughter Emma Grace, and son Grant. Sara spends many of her vacation days traveling to see her grandchildren. Sara and Scott have a rescue dog named "Possum".
  • Dr. Brad Murphy

    Dr. Brad Murphy

    Dr. Brad Murphy is a graduate of Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine class of 2000. He has been in practice here at Vestavia Animal Clinic since beginning his career. Dr. Murphy enjoys both the medical and surgical aspects of veterinary medicine. He has extensive training and experience in the fields of diagnostic ultrasonography and orthopedic surgery.

    Brad is happily married to Catherine and they have a daughter Ava, and a son, Russell. In his spare time Brad enjoys running, swimming, cycling, golf, and competing in triathlons. He also raises chickens and enjoys gardening.
  • Dr. Mandy Rains

    Dr. Mandy Rains

    Dr. Mandy Rains was born in Birmingham, attended Birmingham Southern College, and graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor of science degree in microbiology. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Auburn's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. Mandy joined Vestavia Animal Clinic in July of 2005. Her professional interests include feline medicine, cytology, and wound care/reconstructive surgery.

    During her spare time, Mandy enjoys making cheese and soap, cooking, knitting, birding, jewelry crafting, raising chickens, gardening, and tending to her small herd of Nubian dairy goats.

    Mandy lives in Columbiana with her two Arabian horses, a Shetland Sheepdog, two lazy cats, and a very moody silver tabby named Margaret Ann.

    Mandy hopes to one day operate a grade A goat dairy, and dreams of making the world's best goat cheese. 
  • Lynn


    Veterinary Nurse
    Lynn has always had a love for animals. Her first involvement in animal caregiving and animal education was working as a volunteer for the Birmingham Zoo where she was a docent for two years. Lynn also volunteered at the Oak Mountain Wildlife Rescue Center where she participated in the rehabilitation of injured animals and caring for orphaned wildlife.

    Lynn was amused by the odd sense of humor displayed on the marque of our sign and was intrigued enough to come in and apply for a job. She has worked at Vestavia Animal Clinic since November of 2000.

    Lynn has three children. She lives in Hoover with her three cats: Zeke, Nanni, and Hemi.
  • Stephenie


    Veterinary Nurse
    Stephenie was born in Beaumont, TX in 1984. She was reared in Virginia Beach, Va and moved to Birmingham in 1993. She currently lives in Pelham. She has worked for Vestavia Animal Clinic since 2005. She graduated from the Veterinary Technology Program at Jefferson State Community College in December 2012 and passed her board exams in 2013. She is now a Licensed Veterinary Technician! Stephenie still hopes to one day apply to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University and realize her dream of becoming a Veterinarian.

    Stephenie married her husband, Clay, in August 2007. They welcomed their daughter, Paisley, in November 2008. She also shares her home with a Beagle/Boxer mix named Nollie and a yellow lab named Ruger.
  • Kristin


    Veterinary Nurse
    Kristin spent her early life in Longview Texas. She joined our healthcare team in 2008, and became our Kennel manager in 2016. In addition to her managerial duties, she continues her vital role as a veterinary nurse.

    Kristin has a daughter, Lily, that keeps her busy when she is not working. She has one dog (Sipsey) and numerous chickens. She also loves to garden and cook.
  • Blake


    Kennel Assistant
    Blake started out with us as a kennel assistant back in 2008. Not long after, he took up the position of Kennel Manager. He has a dog named Fayley, and three cats named Lir, Tamsin, and Gypsy. All of his pets are rescues. Blake has a problem with choosing names for his pets.
  • Erin

    Veterinary nurse
    Erin joined us in 2016 as a kennel assistant and is the newest addition to our team of technicians. She has a passion fpr animals and music. Erin has a cute little chihuahua mix dog named Broski.
  • Beth

    Beth is from Montgomery and moved to Birmingham in 2004. She joined our staff in 2015. She has two wonderful sons: Tanner (12), and Parker (10). She has been a pet owner all of her life. Currently she has a dog "Cooper", a cat "Rudy", and a hamster "Chub Chubs". Beth's hobbies include cooking, traveling, and billiards. She loves Alabama football and watching her son play little league baseball. She will visit any zoo near her when traveling and loves all creatures. She hopes to have her own farm one day, filled with tons of animals.
  • Kelsie

    Kelsie is a native of Birmingham. She has two dogs, Riggins and Toby. She loves all animals and would have many more if she could. 
  • Jon

    Kennel Assistant
    Jon is a native of Chelsea Alabama. He joined our staff in 2009 and has been a key member of our staff ever since. Jon has one dog, a rescue named Bailey. He is in school to become a welder. Jon has more tattoos than the rest of our staff put together. 
    Years in Practice:
    Sep 21, 2017
  • Patrick

    Kennel Assistant
    Patrick is from Hueytown Alabama. He has three rescue dogs; Ragnar (Husky), Max (Chihuahua), and Bjorn (Chihuahua). Patrick plans to attend veterinary school.
    Years in Practice:
    Sep 21, 2017
  • Alisa

    Alisa grew up in Trussville. She lives with a chihuahua named Omie, and a cat named Farah. She loves all types of animals.
    Years in Practice:
    Sep 22, 2017
  • Miranda

    Veterinary nurse
    Years in Practice:
    Sep 22, 2017

    Years in Practice:
    Sep 22, 2017